HMGT #4 The Wash Stand/Hatfield Cemetery


Among the graves in this cemetery you will find the grave of the Patriarch of the Hatfield Family, Ephraim Hatfield.

This is one of the most intimate of all the sites along the trail. Although the cache is located on the edge of the Hatfield Family Cemetery, please take a moment to stroll among the graves to the knoll to the grave of Preacher Anderson Hatfield (the magistrate in the Hog trial).

Here you will find the Hatfield family washstand.Carved from solid blocks of sandstone, this outdoor washstand is one of two which were made by Robert (Uncle Bob) Hatfield, older brother of Ransom Hatfield, and son of Elder Anderson Hatfield.The source of the sandstone is most likely the quarry which is located on the right side of Hatfield Branch just West of the Anderson Hatfield Cabin some 500 foot over the hill from the washstand.The washstand, shaded by large cedar trees, was situated near the well in the front yard of the Homeplace. It's principal purpose was as a place for the farmworkers to wash and prepare themselves for dinner prepared by Mrs Polly Hatfield, wife of Preacher Anse. Weary travelers passing by were welcomed to stop and have a drink or wash their hands in the washstand.

Place your hand on the top of the stone and imagine that Preacher Anderson, His Wife and children must have touched the same spot some 120 years ago.As you feel the rough surface of the aged sandstone, know that each of the members of the Hatfield Family and no doubt some of the McCoy clan have all placed their hands in this very spot.

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HMGT #4 The Wash Stand/Hatfield Cemetery

The Geocache

HMGT #4 The Wash Stand/Hatfield Cemetery


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Hidden :09/01/2012

Difficulty: 1.5

Terrain: 1.5


N 37° 34.923 W 082° 10.834 

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Visiting this Location

This location is a cemetery. If you like cemeteries this one is nice. It sits up on top of a hill but you can drive the cute country road right up to the top. In the fall it is particularly beautiful as the trees dip down over the road and drop the leaves on the ground in front of you. Be careful here it is a tiny little road but very safe as long as you dont run into another car coming at you. If you do, just be cool as most often their is a spot where you or the other car can pull off to allow one of you to pass. 

There is a gate at the bottom of the road but it is typically open for visiting. This one is friendly to most visitors and though it is not handicap accessible someone in a wheelchair could get pretty close. 

(Factual but Fictional) Pharmer McCoy Obituary

Pharmer McCoy (1863 - 1882)

Pharmer McCoy, 19, was found dead in Buskirk, Kentucky across the river from Matewan West Virginia. Pharmer McCoy was the son of Randolph McCoy who is leader of the McCoy clan in what has come to be known as the Hatfield McCoy Feud.

Pharmer was killed in retribution for the murder of Hatfield clan leader Devil Anse Hatfield’s brother Ellison. Pharmer and his brothers Tolbert and Bud were tied to a stand of Paw Paw trees and executed by a group of Hatfield loyalists. One witness said Pharmer had one bullet wound in the head and ten in his body.

Pharmer is survived by his parents Randolph McCoy and Sarah Elizabeth McCoy and his brothers and sisters – Roseanna, Calvin, Alifair, James, Samuel,William,Trinvilla, Adlade, Fannie and Floyd.

A small graveside ceremony will be held on the family’s land across from his parent’s home.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson

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