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Roseanna McCoy

Roseanna McCoy (1860 - 1889)

Roseanna McCoy left this world today. She was only 29. Roseanna was well known for her part in the infamous Hatfield McCoy Feud. Her love affair with Johnse Hatfield, son of clan leader Devil Anse Hatfield, took the conflict between her family and the Hatfields to even greater heights.

Roseanna had been taking care of her ailing mother who was injured by the Hatfields during a raid on their farm on January 1st 1888. The cause of death is unknown at this time but family members were heard to say she died of a broken heart.

Roseanna was preceded in death by her daughter Sarah Elizabeth McCoy, whose father was Johnse Hatfield.

Roseanna her parents were Randolph McCoy and Sarah Elizabeth McCoy and her brothers James, Samuel, William, Trinvilla, Adlade, Fannie and Floyd.

Roseanna will be buried at the Dills Cemetery in Pikeville, Kentucky.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson

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