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Hatfield McCoy Country Museum

  • The museum features one-of-a-kind artifacts from the region’s history and informational displays about the Hatfield McCoy Feud, our coal heritage and more.

  • You will see items that were actually touched by Devil Anse Hatfield, Johnse Hatfield, Sid Hatfield, Henry Ford and other important historical figures.Items on display include the not-guilty verdict for Sid Hatfield in his trial for the Matewan Massacre shootout: Henry Ford’s scrip making machine: the burial records for Devil Anse, Johnse, Cap and Levicy Hatfield: the death certificate and burial records for Mamie Thurman: the deed for the contested 5,000 acres of land that some believe started the Hatfield McCoy Feud: a gun found at the site of the Feud’s climatic battle – The Battle of Grapevine Creek and much more. 

  • View items seen on American Pickers and authenticated by the Antiques Roadshow.

  • Other attractions include the interior of a 1920’s coal camp house, the Underground Theather that looks like the inside of a coal mine, the Bee Ward Coleman collection – one of the largest collections of coal mining artifacts anywhere in the country and unique displays about the Hatfield McCoy Feud, coal mining and our region’s rich history.

  • The museum is located in the city of Williamson, West Virginia at the former Williamson High School Building at 801 Alderson Street in Williamson, WV. Come as you are and enjoy one of the best museums in the state of West Virginia. 

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Historic Visit to Feud Country

Make your next getaway historic! 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway then come visit us to learn more about the Hatfield McCoy Feud.  We are the home of wonderful attractions you can only find here.

The world famous Hatfield McCoy Feud – the most famous feud in American history.

The West Virginia Mine Wars – the largest armed conflict in America since the Civil War.

The Hatfield McCoy ATV Trails – the largest network on motorized trails east of the Mississippi.

Historic Matewan – a town at the crossroads of history.

Railroad Central – one of the best places in the world to watch trains.

The Trillion Dollar Coalfield – source of the black gold that our country was built upon.

Great recreation – including unique golf, fishing and hiking.

Zip lines & kayaking

World class Geocaching on the Hatfield McCoy GeoTrails 

Amazing mountain scenery, fall foliage and so much more.

This distinctive region offers unparalleled history, beautiful scenery and recreational activities for the whole family. 

We have something for everyone – whether you want to relax in the country, learn about our fascinating history, go to festivals and musical events, do a little train watching, play golf, fish, shop or take a ride on the Hatfield McCoy Trails.

There’s lots more information on this site about things to do when you get here so please look around. Then come and see us at the museum. Travel into history. 

We’ll treat you like family and give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

All this and more within Williamson, Pikeville and Matewan...The tri-city Home of the Feud. 

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US News Story on Museum

By BRUCE SCHREINER, Associated Press

Hatfields and McCoys mingle peacefully in the mountainous region where their families waged one of America's most famous feuds. Now a museum near the Kentucky-West Virginia border is showcasing artifacts bringing the struggle back to life.

The Hatfield McCoy Country Museum opened Friday in Williamson, West Virginia.

Items on display include bullets fired by the warring families, a gun found at a battle site and fragments of Randolph McCoy's cabin, destroyed by the Hatfield clan in an infamous 1888 New Year's attack, said the museum's curator, Bill Richardson.

The museum houses the largest collection of Hatfield and McCoy relics anywhere, he said.


"People who have heard about this story or seen it on television or read a book about it, they can actually see the real artifacts and documents," Richardson said. "If you want to go from fiction to fact, this is where you can do that."

Courtney Quick McCoy said she'll probably have goosebumps when she looks at relics from her family's feud with the Hatfields.

 "You know that you are as close to your family as you ever could be," she said.


County Green Lights Tourism Initiatives

Local Museum Drawing Global Attention

County green lights tourism initiatives

  • By Terry L. May Staff Writer
  • Mar 23, 2018

Located on the hillside campus of the former Williamson High School is a historical and cultural museum that has put Williamson and Mingo County in sights of tourists from around the nation and world.

“Tourism is the largest industry in the world. Historical and heritage tourism is at the top of that,” said Bill Richardson, curator of the Hatfield-McCoy Country Museum. “We have a story to tell here that cannot be outsourced anywhere in the world. It is unique to our area and hits all the marks -— Civil War conflicts, political in-fighting and romance.”

He said the museum had visitors from 35 states and five countries including Great Britain, Israel and China last year.

“The Hatfield-McCoy Feud has name recognition  and it is a no-brainer to for us to capitalize on it,” Richardson said. “Here we have the largest collection of documented Hatfield-McCoy artifacts and rarely seen photographs in the country.”

Items in the museum not only reflect the Hatfield-McCoy Feud but also the area’s long coal history and Appalachian culture. The museum features both permanent collections and items on loan.

The facility is the product of four years of work and development, according to Richardson. It opened to the public last year and attracted more than 600 visitors from the end of May through Thanksgiving.

Richardson said he has tried to quell the sterile environment of associated with most museums and create vignettes that give a feeling more in tune with our mountain heritage.

Even though the museum’s walls are painted the standard white, artifacts and documents are presented on rough wood displays and distressed frames and accented with period decor. A mock cabin with a well stationed in front of it houses documents for land deals by Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield, court records from the feud and funeral records of members of the Hatfield family.

The museum also boasts a re-created kitchen of a coal camp house and a state-of-the-art theater that replicates an underground mine.

“People are fascinated by the things we have in this area and they can’t get enough,” Richardson said. “In two months, our website has had 2,100 hits and we have not yet started our marketing efforts for the upcoming tourism season. I have already booked appointment for people from four different states in the past two weeks.”


Local Museum Drawing Global Attention

 “Tourism is the largest industry in the world. Historical and heritage tourism is at the top of that,” said Bill Richardson, curator of the Hatfield-McCoy Country Museum. “We have a story to tell here that cannot be outsourced anywhere in the world. It is unique to our area and hits all the marks -— Civil War conflicts, political in-fighting and romance.” 

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