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Jim Vance

Jim Vance (1830 – 1888)

James Vance was found dead today. Initial reports are that he was killed in a battle with a posse from Kentucky headed by Frank Phillips.

Phillips crossed into West Virginia illegally in search of individuals responsible for murdering two of Randolph McCoy’s children. McCoy has been embroiled in a long running feud with members of the Hatfield family which Vance is a part of.

Vance is the uncle to Devil Anse Hatfield who is said to be the leader of the Hatfield clan. Initial reports are that Vance was wounded and tried to surrender but Phillips killed him instead of arresting him.

Vance is survived by his wife Mary and children James, Elizabeth and Amy.

He will be buried in Thacker hollow near the family home.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson

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