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Jeff McCoy

Lewis Jefferson "Jeff" McCoy (1860 - 1886)

Jeff McCoy was killed yesterday by Cap Hatfield. Details of the altercation are sketchy but reports are that Cap Hatfield and Tom Wallace entered the home of neighbor Bill Daniels and assaulted his wife and another woman.

In retaliation Jeff McCoy then fired a gun into the home of Cap Hatfield while his wife was sleeping there.

Hatfield then pursued McCoy and shot him as he fled across the Tug River. Jeff was the sister of Nancy McCoy Hatfield who is married to Cap’s brother Johnse Hatfield. Cap’s father Devil Anse Hatfield was implicated in the murder of Jeff’s father Asa Harmon McCoy in 1865 at the end of the Civil War but was never charged.

Jeff’s parents were Asa Harmon McCoy (deceased) and Martha Cline.

He is survived by his wife Sarah Wolford McCoy and children Perry and Lewis Jefferson, Jr.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson

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