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Hatfield McCoy Feud- Hatfield McCoy Country Museum

Hatfield McCoy Country Museum

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hatfield mccoy country museum,billrichardson,whatwendysaid,williamson,pikeville,matewan,Feud Country


hatfield mccoy country museum,billrichardson,whatwendysaid,williamson,pikeville,matewan,Feud Country


hatfield mccoy country museum,billrichardson,whatwendysaid,williamson,pikeville,matewan,Feud Country


hatfield mccoy country museum,billrichardson,whatwendysaid,williamson,pikeville,matewan,Feud Country

Welcome to Feud Country

These three communities, Williamson & Matewan in West Virginia and Pikeville , just across the Tug River in Kentucky make up the 25 mile area that most of the sites of the feud can be found in. If you visit feud country you can stay and play in any of these three towns and be close enough to see it all. 

You can spend the night in one, drive to and through the other two and stop at each of them along the way. 

So go ahead and explore and plan your visit to Hatfield McCoy Feud Country today !!!

Hatfield McCoy Country Museum

Feud Country

Matewan, West Virginia

Matewan is the home to some of America’s most colorful history. The town sits at the heart of Hatfield McCoy Feud Country and hosted the beginnings of a movement to reform fair working conditions and the right to unionize following the Mine Wars, Matewan Massacre and Battle of Blair Mountain in the early parts of the twentieth century.

Today, the small town of Matewan, West Virginia, sits along the Tug River, nestled between West Virginia and Kentucky. Hatfields and McCoys still inhabit the area. Experts in the field and passionate about their home, the people of Matewan have a story to tell about the town’s living history.  

Matewan is about 18 minutes from the Hatfield McCoy Country Museum. 


Williamson, West Virginia

Williamson is a great place to visit if you wanna know more about the Hatfield McCoy Feud but we offer so much more ! The Hatfield McCoy Country Museum is located in the City of Williamson.  

Wanna see one of the largest train yards in the United States ? Wanna climb a mountain on an epic adventure ? Wanna taste some Southern West Virginia moonshine ? Wanna spend a few minutes with the REAL Hatfields or McCoys ? 

Or maybe you are an atv rider looking for the best place to station yourself while riding the Hatfield McCoy Trail System ? 

Williamson....Yep, We have all that !!!


Pikeville, Kentucky

Pikeville Kentucky is the larger of the three towns that make up Hatfield McCoy Country. 

Pikeville is one of Kentucky's fastest growing cities. 

If you want to stay in a chain hotel and visit the feud sites, Pikeville has most of the normal choices. 

They are closest to the Dils Cemetery, The McCoy House and sites in Pike County. 

You can zipline, attend a concert, walk about the streets of this BIG 'small' town and have plenty of choices. 

The Hatfield McCoy Country Museum is 20 minutes from Pikeville. 



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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our visitors, so feel free to visit during normal business hours or send us a message to schedule your visit today. 

Feud Sites and Museum 

Everything You Need To Know to Visit 

Landmarks and Historical Building

Hatfield McCoy Country Museum

801 Alderson St, Williamson, West Virginia 25661, United States


Feel free to scheudule your visit anytime. Just contact us and we will make sure you get a custom tour of the museum. 

We are never open on Sunday and will only be open on Monday by request in advance. Since we don't have a steady set of hours to post it is best that you contact us by text or call at 304-601-3066 if you would like to schedule a visit. 

Drop us a line!



Who won the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys?

Both Families lost so many loved ones that I think it is fair to say neither side actually won. Legally Devil Anse got more legal judgements awarded in his favor than Randall did but since so many Hatfields & McCoys both died, I wouldnt say either won. 

Fun Facts about Johnse Hatfield

Johnse Hatfield loved women. He once orderd a new yellow suit to wear. He was a player and right up until the day he died he was a cheater. 

Where is Bad Frank Phillips Leg?

Before Bad Frank died he lost his leg. He would soon after pass away but before he died they amputated his leg and it was said to be buried in a shallow grave below where they put his body a week or so later. When you visit the grave of Bad Frank Phillips you can see the small grave near his that is unmarked and contains his leg. 

How did Roseanna McCoy die ?

Many of her family have always said that she died of a broken heart. She not only lost her Johnse, watched him marry her cousin and saw her brothers and other family members killed, she birthed the child of her lover and then before the baby was six months old she died. Her heart was broken and she never recovered and is said to have morned until it killed her. 

When Was the Hatfield McCoy Feud?

The Hatfield McCoy Feud took place around 1863 and went on for years after that. The actual fighting was long over but the officially called it over in 1891 and the two families shook hands in 1976 and marked an official end to the Hatfields and McCoys fighting. The Hatfield McCoy Feud was officially over on June 14, 2003. 

Why did the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys start?

The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Hatfields & McCoys feud, war between the Hatfields and McCoys, was between two rural families, led by Randall McCoy and Devil Anse Hatfield and their kin who lived along the Tug Fork River around the years 1863-1891.

Questions Answered about the Hatfield McCoy Feud

How did Devil Anse Hatfield get that name?

His nickname was "Devil Anse" and most people say it was given him by his mother but I believe that nobody called him Devil to his face. I think he was labelled that but it wasnt a name people called him when talking to him. Some people say it is a name that Randal McCoy gave him because of his bravery during the Civil War when they fought along side each other. And some believe it was given him in contrast to his good-tempered cousin who was called Preacher Anse Hatfield. This sounds the most likely, right ?

How did Devil Anse Hatfield die?

Devil Anse Hatifeld died of pneumonia. 

How did Randall McCoy die?

Randall McCoy died many years after the feud. He fell into a fire and died of the burn. 

Where did they film the Hatfields & McCoys Mini-Series?

The Hatfield McCoy Feud took place in the hills between the edge of Eastern Kentucky and Southern West Virginia. The mini-series was filmed in Romania. 

How many of the McCoys died in the Hatfield McCoy feud?

Three of the McCoy sons died in one day when Devil Anse Hatfield tied them to a tree and shot them dead in 1882. Randall nearly died in 1888 when they attacked his home on the New Years day raid but he lived. Randall McCoy lost five of his children in the feud. Six if you count Roseanna McCoy who I believe died from her misery and heartache from the feud and the loss of her child.

Where were the Hatifelds and McCoy from?

The Tug River Valley was home to the families of the Hatfield McCoy Feud. Devil Anse Hatfield was from the West Virginia side and Randall McCoy was from the Pike County Kentucky side. 

Fun Facts about the Hatield McCoy Feud.

Who was the first person to die in the Hatfield McCoy Feud?

Asa Harmon McCoy was the first person to die in the Hatfield McCoy feud. 

Was the Hatfield McCoy Feud over a pig?

the Pig is only part of the Hatfield McCoy Feud story. Yes, they fought over the ownership of a hog that the McCoys believed the Hatfields stole, But they had many other battles between them. Who owned 5000 acres of land was one question. You can see the deed to this at the Hatfield McCoy Country Museum and decide for yourself. 

Who did Roseanna McCoy marry?

Roseanna died at the age of 29. She never married. Her child was born out of wedlock to her and Johnse Hatfield, who married Roseanna's cousin Nancy. 

Who was Cap Hatfield?

Cap Hatfield was the second oldest son of Devil Anse Hatfield. His name came from his fathers other name which was "Captian". He had been given that name while fighting in the Civil War. 

Where are the McCoys buried ?

The McCoy Family made famous in the Hatfield McCoy Feud are buried for the most part in the Dils Cemetery in Pikeville Kentucky. 

Who was the good guys in the Hatield McCoy Feud?

To this day, both families believe that there were good people in the feud. Both were driven to protect their own side and both were loyal to their names. However, both sides had murdered the other. I would say that neither side was without responsiblily for the feud and the blood of thier enemy was on both Hatfield and McCoy hands. 

List of the Hatfield McCoy Feud Sites