HMGT #06 Hatfield McCoy Monument - Blackberry Park

Not far from the site where Asa Harmon McCoy was killed, the Blackberry Community Park, on State Highway 1056, near Ransom, KY houses granite monuments highlighting the Hatfield McCoy Feud. A timeline monument dipicts a map of the Tug River, with Kentucky on one side, and West Virginia on the other, with key events and locations inscribed on the monument. Also in the park is a four sided granite obelisk, about 7’ tall, showing pictures, descriptions of the leaders, Randolph and "Devil Anse" Hatfield and children Johnse Hatfield and Roseanne McCoy.

The McCoys in Kentucky were led by Randolph McCoy (October 30, 1825 – March 28, 1914). In 1849, McCoy married his cousin Sarah (Sally). The couple had 15 children, including 9 sons and 6 daughters (Roseanne McCoy). 

The McCoys lost 5 children during the feud and Roseanne died in her 30's, supposedly from a "broken heart".Randolph and Sarah are buried in the Dils Cemetery in Pikeville, along with Roseanne and her brother Samuel.

The West Virginia Hatfield clan was led by William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield (September 9, 1839 – January 6, 1921). Devil Anse and his wife, Levicy, had 13 children, including 9 sons (Johnse Hatfield) and 4 daughters.Hatfield formed a Confederate guerrilla fighting unit during the Civil War that he named "The Logan Wildcats." 

In 1865, he was suspected of having been involved in the murder of his rival Asa Harmon McCoy, who had fought for the Union Army and was waylaid by "The Logan Wildcats" on his return home and may have sparked the beginning of the notorious feud between the two families. 

HMGT #06 Hatfield McCoy Monument - Blackberry Park

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HMGT #06 Hatfield McCoy Monument - Blackberry Park

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Hidden : 09/01/2012

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N 37° 33.443 W 082° 11.804 

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Visiting this Site

This is a park. You should be able to access it during daylight hours. 

There is a gate at the bottom and you can drive up to the top of the park easily in your car as long as the gate is opened. 

If you are there and the park gate is closed they also have parking across the road so that you can park there and walk thru a gate to enter the park on foot. 

Take a minute to enjoy this locations monument to the feuding families on both sides of the Tug River. It is very well done. 

Driving Directions

You can click the button below to navigate to the coordinates for this feud site. 

N 37° 33.443 W 082° 11.804

(Factual but Fictional) Jim Vance Obituary

Jim Vance (1830 – 1888)

James Vance was found dead today. Initial reports are that he was killed in a battle with a posse from Kentucky headed by Frank Phillips.

Phillips crossed into West Virginia illegally in search of individuals responsible for murdering two of Randolph McCoy’s children. McCoy has been embroiled in a long running feud with members of the Hatfield family which Vance is a part of.

Vance is the uncle to Devil Anse Hatfield who is said to be the leader of the Hatfield clan. Initial reports are that Vance was wounded and tried to surrender but Phillips killed him instead of arresting him.

Vance is survived by his wife Mary and children James, Elizabeth and Amy.

Vance will be buried in Thacker hollow near the family home.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson 

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2nd Annual Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail Event

2nd Annual Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail Event

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Event Date: 08/31/2013 



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This was the location of our second annual Hatfield McCoy GeoTrail Mega Event in 2012

2012 Event

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