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Ellison Hatfield

Ellison Hatfield (1842 - 1882)

Ellison Hatfield has died today August 9th, 1882. Ellison’s death was the result of wounds received during an altercation at the election grounds in Blackberry Kentucky on August 7th. Witnesses said a fist fight broke out between Ellison and Tolbert McCoy who is the son of Randolph McCoy. Ellison was getting the better of the fight so Tolbert’s brothers Pharmer and Bud joined in. Then one of the McCoy boys pulled a knife and began stabbing Ellison. Ellison picked up a large rock to defend himself and one of the McCoys shot him in the back. Witness said prodigious consumption of moonshine may have contributed to the violence.

All told, Ellison was stabbed 26 times. However, he did not immediately succumb to his wounds and lingered for two days. Ellison was the brother of William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield. Devil Anse is leader of the Hatfield side of what many are now calling the Hatfield McCoy Feud.

Ellison proudly served in the Confederate Army attaining the rank of first lieutenant. Ellison is survived by his wife Sarah Ann Staton Hatfield and their children Elliot, Valentine, Floyd, Emma, Lydia, Nancy, Louis and Polly. His parents were Ephraim Hatfield and Nancy Vance Hatfield. Ellison will be buried at a cemetery named in his honor near Newtown, West Virginia.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson

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