HMGT #15 "Devil" Anse Hatfield Grave


William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield (September 9, 1839 – January 6, 1921)

"Devil Anse" was the patriarch of the Hatfield clan during the infamous Hatfield–McCoy feud which has since formed a part of American folklore.Devil Anse himself survived the feud and agreed to end the feud in 1891.

Hatfield was born in Logan, Virginia (now Logan, West Virginia), the son of Ephraim Hatfield and Nancy Vance.He ran a logging operation, which accrued much wealth for his extended family.

There are a number of stories about the origin of his nickname, "Devil Anse": that it was given to him by his mother or by Randolph McCoy, or earned from his bravery during battle in the American Civil War, or as contrast to his good-tempered cousin, Preacher Anse Hatfield.A southern sympathizer, Hatfield formed a Confederate guerrilla fighting unit during the Civil War that he named "The Logan Wildcats."In 1865, he was suspected of having been involved in the murder of his rival Asa Harmon McCoy, who had fought for the Union Army and was waylaid by "The Logan Wildcats" on his return home.Hatfield had been home ill at the time of the killing, which was likely committed at the instigation of his uncle, Jim Vance. This may have sparked the beginning of the notorious feud between the two families that claimed many lives on both sides.Said to be called "Devil Anse" by his mother because he was "not afeared of no kind of varmint nor of the devil hisself", 

Hatfield was baptized on September 23, 1911 in Island Creek and converted to Christianity. He went on to found a Church of Christ congregation in West Virginia.

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HMGT #15 "Devil" Anse Hatfield Grave

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HMGT #15 "Devil" Anse Hatfield Grave

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Visiting this Location

Visiting the site of Devil Anse Hatfield's Grave will take you out into a small countryside cemetery. 

The location is accessible by foot to anyone wanting to see the gravesite but is NOT handicap accessible. 

The gravesite is impressive once you climb to the top of the dirt road leading up to it. 

There are loose gravel and rocks and it is the steepest of all the sites of the feud but is absolutely the site you are going to want to see while in the area. 

I always tell people to try to remember that Devil was buried many years ago and when they put him in this location they certainly couldn't have known it would be a tourist destination over a hundred years later :)

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