Factual But Fictional

Bill Staton ( ? – 1880)

The body of Bill Staton was found in the woods yesterday. Authorities say he was shot while hunting.

Two men were sought in connection with the death. They were Paris McCoy and “Squirrel Hunting” Sam McCoy. Both of these men are relatives of Randolph McCoy.

Staton gave testimony against Randolph McCoy in a trial over the theft of a hog and this led to Randolph losing the case. After that, tensions between the McCoys and members of the Hatfield family, which Staton is connected to, have been growing.

Some suspect that Staton was murdered for what was perceived as lying against the McCoys in the trial. Both of the McCoys suspected in the shooting are at large.

Staton is survived by his wife.

Staton’s body has not been released so details of funeral arrangements are still pending.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson