HMGT #05 Asa Harmon McCoy

The first known event linking the Hatfields and McCoys was at the end of the Civil War. Devil Anse Hatfield, many members of his family, and many of the McCoys fought for the Confederate Army.With West Virginia's admittance to the Union in 1863, Devil Anse realized that, as a Southern sympathizer, he, his family and property were in real danger.

Now, in the name of home defense, he formed the Logan Wildcats, which was one of the most feared guerrilla bands to patrol the Tug River's banks.Randall McCoy’s younger brother, Asa Harmon McCoy, was a Union soldier who had waited two years to enlist in the Union Army as a private for 12 months.Suffering a broken leg and discharged on Christmas Eve 1864, he returned home to a chilly warning from Devil Anse's ruthless uncle, Jim Vance, who despised Harmon because he had joined the Union Army, that he could expect a visit from Devil Anse's Wildcats.

Frightened by gunshots as he drew water from his well, Harmon hid in a nearby cave, supplied with food and necessities each day by his slave, Pete. But Harmon's fate was sealed. His tormentors followed Pete's tracks in the snow, discovered the ailing Harmon and shot him dead on Jan. 7, 1865.

At first, Devil Anse Hatfield was the prime suspect. Later, after finding the Wildcats' leader had been confined to his bed, the guilt turned squarely on Vance and, according to some accounts, "Wheeler" Wilson, the real gunman.In the end, the case died with no suspect brought to trial. 

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HMGT #05 Asa Harmon McCoy

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Visiting this Site

This site is a fast stop while headed down to the Hatfield McCoy Park a half mile or so on down the road. 

You cross the bridge between the school and the fire department in on your right. The historic marker is there by the bridge. 

Easily accessible to most anyone with no inclines or steps. 

This location is only a historical marker so it is always reachable but please be careful and respectful to the fire department and school nearby.

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(Factual but Fictional) Asa Harmon McCoy Obituary

Asa Harmon McCoy (1828 - 1865)

Asa Harmon McCoy who survived his service in the War Between the States was killed near his home yesterday.

McCoy was a Private in the Union Army and was home on leave recovering from injuries sustained in battle. His body was discovered by a family slave named Pete. Cause of death was a gun shot.

The motive and killer are not known at this time but some suspect lingering tensions from the war. Members of a local militia group known as the Logan Wildcats were said to have threatened McCoy’s life. Wildcat members include William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield and Jim Vance.

Harmon is survived by his wife Martha who is currently pregnant with their child and his children Larkin, Mary, Jacob and Jeff. Harmon was the son of Daniel and Margret McCoy.

He was a brother to Randolph, Samuel, Harriett, William and John.

~ Obituary written by Bill Richardson